Happy Pets Make Happy Homes

Work with our dog training company in Denver, CO and surrounding areas

Most pet owners treat their dogs like part of the family, spoiling them with treats and affection at every turn. But dogs still need training and discipline to learn how to behave at home, in community and abroad.

That's where Gifted Paws, LLC comes in. Our local dog training company can help you communicate better with your dogs so that they respond to commands, get along with other pets and are well-behaved when guests come over. We bring the best out of all dogs so that your companion is a welcome member of the family.

Gentle training for happy pets

Repetition is key when it comes to training your pet. So, when you don't have the time or attention needed to properly train your dog, Gifted Paws is here to help. Our skilled pet trainers offer:

We'll happily provide you with a free dog behavioral evaluation before we start training.

We also offer dog boarding and dog grooming services! Contact our local dog training company today to see what we're all about.

Why work with Gifted Paws?

Here at Gifted Paws, we treat your dog like they're our own. Through gentle commands, positive reinforcement and lots of playtime, our pet trainers can teach your dog to listen, obey and behave like they should.

Gifted Paws is a home-based business that helps families and dogs find a way to live together in harmony. We rely on the science behind dog training, putting structure, expectations and boundaries at the forefront of our training. We know that exercise and appropriate affection are key to a well-balanced dog, and will show you how you can create a happy home life for your pet.

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