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Every dog learns differently, so the training tactics you used with your other dogs might not work on your new pet. But that doesn't mean you have to live with a misbehaving dog. Teach them the manners and skills they need with help from Gifted Paws, LLC.

We provide obedience training courses in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. Whether you have a new puppy that won't stop peeing inside or an older dog that just discovered how to dig under your fence, we can help you eliminate bad behaviors in your dog so that you can live together happily.

Learn some useful behavior modification training techniques when you sign up for a class today. We'll be happy to evaluate your dog's behaviors for free!

Show your dog who's alpha

Show your dog who's alpha

The only way to get your dog to listen and behave is to show them who is boss. During your private or group obedience training course, you'll learn how to communicate with your dog and teach them to listen to commands the first time. We use positive reinforcement behavior modification techniques to show your dog that if they listen, they'll get rewarded.

Book 10 obedience training sessions today for just $1350. Please note that all dogs must be up to date on their vaccines and have current vet records.